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RMOP Forum Guidelines

Membership in our forum is a privilege, not a right. The forums are here for everyone to enjoy, so please support one another by welcoming new people and helping to create a positive, respectful environment. Participants are welcome to debate issues and share opposing viewpoints as long as they do this within the guidelines for appropriate behavior. Anyone who is disruptive or has a negative impact on the community’s positive environment may be excluded from participating on the RMOP forums. RMOP reserves to the right to remove posts and/or deny accounts that violate the guidelines.

Guidelines for participation on RMOP’s forums:

  1. We are concerned about privacy. Do not post personal information such as full names, phone numbers or email addresses
  2. Make other people feel welcome – especially new faces
  3. Be polite and respectful towards each other and RMOP staff
  4. If you have a question for staff, please contact them directly via their contact information
  5. Only use other members as examples or case studies with their consent
  6. Avoid making things personal. Focus on the topic and not the person posting
  7. Personal, negative or hurtful comments can be considered a personal attack
  8. Baiting, trolling, flaming and sock puppet accounts are not welcome on the forums
  9. Try to avoid going off topic. This can frustrate participants and can lead to conflict
  10. No posts or signatures with the intent of promotion or advertising are allowed.