ATTENTION TO ALL RMOP MEMBERS-it is that time of year to renew your RMOP memberships or become a NEW RMOP member.

As of January, 2019 RMOP, membership fee will be increased to $65.00/year. So, it would be great to get your renewals in before the rate change—$50.00 ($25.00 per class rate).

This rate has NOT been increased since before 1987. As other costs increased—we still did NOT. Our volunteers & board feel that this is still an amazing price for the amount of “A” continuing education credits you receive each year, along with the discounts to symposiums with other groups & ours, benefits of hosting, giveaways we present & dinners we bring.

Thank you to our amazing volunteer team & sponsoring doctors who keep us all up to date on all things Eyecare.
You can bring this to the January, 2019 meeting or mail your checks for renewals or NEW memberships to:
P.O. Box 100381 – Denver, Co. – 80250

Application for RMOP: renewal or new:
Mailing address /preferred phone: